This information is educational  While EFT produces remarkable clinical results practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it.

Further, Patricia Gibb is not a  licensed health professional and offers EFT-TAPPING as she has experienced it for her personal weight loss journey. She is a trained EFT practitioner.

This information is educational only and your use of it is your complete responsibility. It does not represent medical advice and thus appropriate physicians or qualified health practitioners should be consulted before or while applying it.

While EFT is gaining widespread acceptance as a do-it-yourself healing method, some people's emotional or physical frailty is such that they should not attempt any healing method without professional guidance. Patricia is not trained to deal with mental disorders such as paranoia, multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia and other mental disorders. She is not trained for severe addictions.

The results you achieve with EFT may differ from Patricia’s weight loss results.

Further, even when EFT is successful, your issues may worsen before getting better. This is known as a healing crisis.