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NB: The best way to learn EFT is to read the downloadable EFT manual and get the complete information. You are required to take complete responsibility for your own emotional/physical wellbeing both during and after using EFT.

Though EFT can be used on everything, and is an easy process to learn, I suggest common sense about dealing with ailments beyond the capacity and level of your training.

Here are simplified directions.



 Tapping can be used for everything – try it on ALL YOUR STRESSFUL ISSUES!


1.  Get in touch with the problem/emotion you want to focus on. It can be general stress or it can be a specific weight issue which causes you to feel stressed.

2.  Rate the intensity level of your stress, with zero being the lowest level of stress and ten being the highest.

3. Prepare your set up statement. Your set up statement should acknowledge the problem you want to deal with, and then follow it with an unconditional affirmation about yourself.

  •  “Even though I feel this doubt that I will ever lose this extra weight, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  •   “Even though I panic when I think about how the extra weight is affecting my health, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  •   “Even though I’m worried about how to stop my binge eating, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  •   “Even though I’m having trouble keeping the weight off even when I lose it, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  •   “Even though I’m humiliated about how much I weigh, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  •   “Even though I’m feeling this stress about my financial situation, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

4. Perform  the set up statement. With  two fingers on one hand, tap the Karate Chop point on your other hand. The Karate Chop point is on the outer edge of the hand, on the opposite side from the thumb.

5. Repeat the set up statement three times aloud, while simultaneously tapping the Karate Chop point.

6. Tap 5-7 times on the remaining tapping points starting at the top of the head.

7. Take a deep breath and a drink of water. Water keeps the energy flowing.

8. Repeat a simple reminder phrase, as you are tapping such as “my weight” or “my cravings” or “my financial situation."

9.Take another deep breath.



1. Head (TH)- the, center and top of the head with all four fingers on both hands.

2. Eyebrow (EB)- the inner edges of the eyebrows with two fingers.

3.  Side of eye (SE)- the hard area between the eye and the temple with two fingers.

4.  Under eye (UE)-the hard area under the eye, in line beneath the pupil with two fingers.

5.  Under nose (UN)-the point centered between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip with two fingers.

6.  Chin (CP)-this point is right beneath the previous one, and is centered between the bottom of the lower lip and the chin. Use two fingers.

7.  Collarbone (CB)-tap just below the hard ridge of your collarbone with four fingers.

8. Underarm (UA)-tap on your side, about four inches beneath the armpit with four fingers.

9.  Head (TH)-And back where you started, to complete the sequence

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 10.59.27 AM.png


  • Focus on your problem again. How intense is the stress now, in comparison to a few minutes ago? Give it a rating of between 0 and 10.
  • Keep tapping if your stress is still higher than “2. You can change your set up statement to take into account your progress. “Even though I have some remaining humiliation about my weight loss, I deeply and completely accept myself.” “Even though I’m still a little worried about whether EFT will really work for me, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Etc.
  •   Turn your thoughts and vibrations to the powerful and positive. That’s what makes Tapping so much more effective than the “positive thinking” techniques.. Use these positive phrases and tapping to actually change your body’s energy into a more positive flow, a more positive vibration.
  •    Use the appropriate positive phrase with the same tapping points and sequences described above.

Here are some positive phrases to guide you:

“I have faith in my ability to lose weight.”
“I am joyful about the dream body I can achieve.”
“I am transforming my body and my life.”
“I enjoy the feeling of power I have around food.”
“I love myself.”
“I am becoming a more serene and balanced person.”


  • use a firm but gentle pressure
  • four fingers are used in wider area and around the eyes, you can use just two.
  • tap with your fingertips, not your fingernails.


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